Telliant’s Strategy to Agile Health

Telliant’s POV to healthcare is two pronged, on one hand, identify the futuristic parameters that will help self-sustain and improve quality, cost, and access to the care, systemically, and on the other hand define road-map to realize the former for various benefactors and healthcare communities of interest (COI)

Cost Rationalization through e-Health

Cost Rationalization
through e-Health

What is Gained from your Technology Investments

Technology must deliver the mandated regulatory requirements and achieve clinical operational benefits

Maximizing your technology investments to optimize healthcare operations

e-Health applications will transform care quality to unlock the full potential of an organization’s care continuum

Delivering innovation and improving operations to deliver better patient outcomes

Service On Demand

Scale your Company’s Fidelity and Responsiveness

Healthcare entities’ focus on maximizing operational efficiency through improved patient outcomes. With rapid changes in patient expectations, regulatory requirements and reimbursement models also needs due consideration.

Telliant can help healthcare IT heads influence service models to fuel innovation and reduce overall TCO. Organizations that purchase services in these utility-based models can gain the agility to respond to the dynamically changing market.

Strategic Healthcare Center of Excellence

Integrating domain and tech savvy experienced professionals to help companies launch products and features in record time to comply with regulations of governing bodies such as HHS, and CDC, etc.

Leveraging extensive expertise

Leveraging extensive expertise across the healthcare payer, provider, EHR and other covered entities in the value chain


Role as custodians of the organization’s computers to a role as entrusts of clinical and business services

Increase operational efficiency,

Allowing us to devise solutions that enhance customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, reduce risks and lower total cost of ownership

Work Flow

Telliant has developed ready to deploy components for Healthcare industry functions such as practice management, work flow, imaging, data exchange and integration

Larger Market Share

Telliant’s organization wide initiative to help our clients bring solutions to market rapidly and capture a larger market-share.

Telliant Capabilities

Developing cross functional capabilities for you

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