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EHR Optimization & Platform Transformation

Because the process of electronic health record optimization is not standardized you must rely on a partner with the expertise with tried-and-true measurement criteria who understands the depth and reach of optimization varies from one organization to another, and from EHR vendor to another. To truly optimize EHR systems in clinical documentation, process analysis, standards development and design criteria must be applied in a holistic fashion.

Mitigating the risks when changing EHRs

It is difficult enough to move from a paper-based clinical documentation strategy within an organization. The latest challenges are shown to be the transition from one EHR to another. An EHR optimization team can help guide and make the transition a smooth process. The deployment team follows a strict process such as the one below to ensure an organization is not the casualty of badly executed process.

  • Analyzing and documenting clinical processes to ensure smooth transition
  • Implementing efficiency standards for the transition team and the clinical teams to follow
  • Training clinical teams to optimize workflow and knowledge transfer
  • Optimization of clinical documentation system
  • Implementing an ongoing enterprise-wide strategy to increase efficiency through technology based systems
  • Satisfying the federal guidelines and requirements to mitigate the financial penalties

Clinical Workflow Analysis

Before undertaking a single sign-on and authentication project, it’s critically important to understand existing clinical workflows. When you completely understand the workflows, you’ll be in a much better position to eliminate the clicks that slow down and interrupt your care providers.

Working with many leading healthcare organizations, Telliant has developed best practices for analyzing clinical workflows

Understanding the five essential clinical workflow questions

It takes more than a simple questionnaire or meeting to understand clinical workflows. To obtain a complete understanding of clinical workflow it is required to answer the following five essential questions:

  • Who uses the various machines? Physicians? Nurses? Administrators?
  • Where is the machine – a public or private location? What connectivity does it have?
  • Why do they use the machine? How important is speed to this function? How critical is security? How do you balance speed and security?
  • What applications do they access the most, and how do they get to them?
  • When and how do users access the machine – is it shared?, do users change frequently and rapidly?

Answering these questions for each workstation in each area can help determine a strategy to improve the identification of access management efforts.

Effective Claims Management

Effectively managing claims is a primary goal of any healthcare plan. With constantly evolving systems, regulations and best practices, this goal often seems like a moving target. Tellinat’s teams help our clients better focus their attention and expertise on providing excellent service to both customers and providers while we support your claims management applications and services.

Using proven frameworks and accelerators, our team of claims specialists can develop, implement and optimize your core administration systems. From processing, enrollment to payment and everything in between, Telliant can solve your claims management challenges.

Data Management & Business Analysis

Data is ubiquitous in healthcare. But it can be both challenging and time consuming to implement a solution that manages and analyses this information while running a successful healthcare practice.

To provide the highest quality of care for your customer’s patients it requires an integrated coordinated data model. Having the ability to analyze large amounts of data at your fingertips will allow for the optimization of care. Self-service data discovery tools will help to realize the potential of growing data sources to enhance care and satisfy the federal requirements.

Telliant has the data management and business intelligence expertise to help with guidance and adherence to regulations and the governance of exchange of healthcare information. Using our solid healthcare domain experience, we shorten the delivery cycle and allow you to gain faster insights on your data.

Our accelerators include proprietary payer and provider data models, a Meta driven Extract Transform Load (ETL) script generation tool and a BI test suite that reduces time and expenses upfront for a quicker ROI. You get the healthcare metrics you need to provide the highest quality of care to your patients while also having more time to devote to caring for your patients. We offer the following data management and healthcare business intelligence services and solutions:

  • BI assessments and strategy definition
  • Performance assessment and optimization
  • Data management strategy and roadmap
  • BIDW, MDM and data governance maturity assessment
  • Tool evaluation and selection
  • Architecture and design assessment and development
  • Data quality assessment and define data quality rules
  • Data governance setup
  • Data management service
  • Enterprise data architecture and management
  • Master data management services
  • Migration/consolidation of data warehouse and databases

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